Portable Stage Equipment – Creating A Versatile Scenario

In portable staging equipment, the backdrop is used in portable or short-lived ephemeral stages. In many places, in particular institutes, schools and cultural associations do not have enough space to accommodate a stage theater, so Portablestage.co.uk offers the NexGen portable staging systems to achieve the stage according to the space available. In addition, we have screens for theaters ready for your installation in a simple and fast. Now it is much easier to plan that Function or theater, so desired by all, children and parents.

Portable Stage


Portable Stage Equipment – Backdrop

Portable Stage Equipment a show needs a black camera, space that absorbs light and creates an infinite space created by black fabrics. The backdrops do not have to be black, sometimes they are made with motifs decorated in the background and even can be installed several backdrops overlaid with different decorations.

NexGen Portable Stage UK offers a customized solution in the making of backdrops, the last part of a black camera or stage. They are curtains for stage shows made with cotton fabrics 100% flameproof class C1. The dark fabrics of NexGen backdrop are manufactured using fire-retardant (FR) synthetic fibers, the main property required of a flame-retardant fabric is to avoid the transmission of light inside the rooms and to be able to prevent rapid Propagation of the flames. Check this site to read more event stage hire

About NexGen Portable Staging UK

Nexgen Portable stage UK creates a modular and portable scenario that allows to perform diverse performances, as much of numerous groupings as of others smaller. For the design of the structure, we will take into account the needs of transport, storage, and assembly on different types of surfaces.

Portablestage.co.uk offers the best solution for all kinds of spaces, from small parquet to large stage for theaters in schools, and can be used in various configurations not only for permanent and temporary installations (concerts, theaters, auditoriums, podiums, walkways, conservatories, grandstands, Decoration, schools, institutes, etc.) Portable Stage hire Equipment A variety of steel shapes come together using the latest in welding technology to produce high strength structures, excellent durability and that can withstand heavy loads for many years and in constant use. Some of the important features are; (see google doc)

  • Ability to support more than 200 pounds of weight per square foot.
  • When the stage is opened, the bases are automatically deployed to prevent it from slipping while in use.
  • Maximum Stability And Resistance
  • Security Guaranteed
  • Versatility – Construction To Measure
  • Quick And Simple Assembly
  • Use In Outdoors And Interiors
  • Board 100% Birch Wood
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Ignifer And Hydrophage Treatment
  • Multiple Accessories (Stairs, Rampas, Quitamiedos ..)

NexGen Portable staging UK has combined the quality of folding products with traditional craftsmanship to offer the best products where versatility and innovation are the best tools to create the environment you want.

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