Staircase Companies For Interior Decoration Of A House

The stairs occupy a very important place in the houses: they fulfill the function of connecting two heights of a building or office. There are varied models of the ladder, so you have to choose the best staircase companies that suits your needs, space, and tastes.

Find The Stairs That Best Fit Your Needs

The first aspect that you must take into account when choosing one is the purpose that you are going to give: if you are going to place it inside or outside the house. The stairs inside usually offer more warmth, so you must seek an aesthetic that matches the rest of the decor. The most common option is to use wood as a composite material.

For their part, outdoor stairs have to be resistant to inclement weather and the sun’s rays. In this sense, the most common materials are stainless steel and aluminum.

The second aspect that you should consider is the space that you have for your installation. For small places are recommended spiral staircases, although there are also straight lines, which are those with a single ascending section without landing.

Finally, there are stairs in the shape of all or composed of several sections, which makes them less steep, with landing included. More space is required for these models.

The third aspect, but not least, is design. There are different finishes, depending on the material.  The woods are very aesthetic by offering a natural and warm style to your home. The steel or aluminum, for its part, provides a more modern, avant-garde and industrial style.

The Stair Company UK is specialists in crafted oak and other hardwood staircases. You have a choice of having a staircase built from various types of hardwood such as Ash, Hemlock, Sapale, but by far the most popular staircase chosen is the beautiful Oak. Staircase companies provides staircases that embody a consummate alliance of form and function. (That brings elegance and adds value to your home).You wants the best staircase at the best price. Call 0114 285 4994, and you deal with the expert craftsmen who source the wood and build your staircase. We make it easy for you and you won’t be dealing with third parties, agents, salespersons, or builders – just the experienced craftsmen.  You can see some stunning staircase examples in our gallery.

The craftsmen at The Stair Company UK have a background of over 150 years bringing the hard-wearing functionality and impressive beauty of staircases into homes throughout the UK and in particular staircases in the Sheffield area. Staircases design, plan and build for volume builders, self-employed joiners, and customers building their own properties.

Staircase companies will design the staircase that’s perfect for your property. It doesn’t matter the size of your property – The Stair Company UK have got it covered. When you speak to someone at, you will be speaking to someone who will be designing and then building your staircase – designed meticulously for the customer and the property in mind.

Another example of a beautiful staircase by: The Stair Company UK

Staircase Companies Sheffield – Side View

From an Oak Tree to The Stair Company UK. Perhaps everyone has seen examples of a beautiful oak tree in the countryside. It’s from these oak trees that The Stair Company UK builds beautiful, functioning oak staircases for your home along with staircases made from Beech, American Walnut, Sapele, Ash, White Pine, and Yellow Pine. The Stair Company UK will supply you with samples of wood to help you make up your mind which staircase to choose for your home.

Here’s Another Example Of A Beautiful Staircase:

Many volume builders in the Manchester area choose The Stair Company UK knowing they will get stunning designs, built exactly to specification and delivered on time. Although any design has to conform to current building regulations (and The Stair Company UK do of course conform to these) the design is rarely the same. Even on a large new build housing project, there will be several designs involved and also several choices of woods used.


Only approved and sustainable suppliers are used for the supply of timer used in our staircase construction. We care about the environment. As you can see in our gallery and mentioned above, we use a range of timbers ranging from softwoods to the more exotic hardwoods – to give you more choice.


The Stair Company UK only uses high grade, dried wood to manufacture staircases. Various parts of the staircase such as a Newel Post or a Banister (sometimes spelled Bannister) are pre-assembled in our workshop to make sure that fixing on site is as little trouble as possible. The Stair Company UK staff is all highly trained in their relevant skills – especially, of course, joinery skills.


Measurement of the staircases is the responsibility of The Stair Company UK. It is, of course, one of the first stages of the production of the staircases and clearly an important responsibility that needs to be perfect every time. From major house builders to individual customers we take responsibility for the staircase measurement.


The Stair Company UK will deliver to the site and install the staircase if required.

Customer Care:

Customer care is really important to us – we are not happy unless you are happy. Staircase companies take great pains to deliver outstanding customer service. If there are problems of any nature, then we see this as a golden opportunity to learn and deliver first class service.


As you would imagine prices care dependent entirely on each project. A price for a staircase for a small house will be considerably less high than a staircase for a six bedroom luxury house or staircases for an apartment building. The prices range from a few hundred pounds upwards. For that special staircase and special price, call 0114 285 4994 – The Stair Company UK.

The design is a relevant criterion and, in the end, the most determinant because the stairs occupy a priority and predominant space in the house.

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